As a multilingual Communication Strategist, with a long and successful career in the USA, Brazil, and Germany, I’m prepared to work in Cooperation with our esteemed Clients to present the  Brand to new audiences across 3 Continents, in 5 languages.

To accomplish this ambitious proposition, I start by conducting science-based research to collect valuable insight into the new Communities. 

Based on solid data, I can create highly-targeted conversion-focused articles in English and Portuguese.
And posts in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

All optimized for the most relevant Keywords.
For publication on your favorite Channels.

And always with links to your original Content.


One example of additional audiences in languages other than English:

French: 279.8m; Portuguese: 234.1m; German: 132.1m; Italian: 67.8 m;

Total: 713.8 m people (according to Wikipedia).

Below, you can see a few of my recent publications optimized for SEO.


Long-form articles in English and Portuguese.


A few multilingual posts in 5 languages.


Speaking to the hearts and minds of locals is a good way to show that you care. It also converts.