The Pace of Ongoing Cooperation.

From too much dependence on ineffective official measures.

To the Escalating Conscious Cooperation 2022

of People from a Community of 7.9 billion.


The scale of Cooperation and Collaboration sparked by the climate calamity has no parallel in history.

Heads of State, the Scientific Community, international financial institutions, civil society, the private sector, research and learning Organizations.
All mobilizing and exchanging crucial information to be better prepared to confront this adversity.
And they’re all working so we can to overcome this urgency as fast as possible.

New Currencies.  For A New World.  Ready For The Net Zero Shift 2022.

Escalating Conscious Cooperation 2022.

As The Climate Change Accelerates, The Pace of Ongoing Cooperation Expands Globally. Towards Net Zero Shift 2022. 

By now, we know all we need to know about Climate Change.
The implications. The challenges. The critical issues at stake.
Likewise, all the heads of state and government, business leaders, and senior representatives from civil society from around the world, know only too well that our Planet is facing a climate calamity without precedent.

If some of these leaders don’t take more effective action against the climate contingency, it may be because they are too busy.
Or they have other priorities. Like trying to build one more ton of cash.

Sorry. The line is busy.They can always delegate tasks that are off their radar:

  • A virus that is not as bad as the seasonal flu (as famously declared by a former U.S. leader).
  • Or, a Planet that’s going through times without parallel.

One day, who knows when . . . Perhaps when a final public siren sounds to warn that 7 days from that point on, no Human beings will be able to survive on Earth.

At that moment, even those who have been blinded by greed, wealth and power, will immediately realize there will be no point in trying to amass 1 trillion dollars, or 300 trillion dollars any more.

1 – The accelerated investments in fossil fuels.

2 – The vested interests of rich economies and corporations.

3 – The supremacy of Profit As The Only Purpose. Not Profit Resulting From Purpose.

We, simple mortals, cannot wait that long.
To Sustain Decisive Long-Term Global Targets 2022 is a must.

The escalating Global warming threatens generations.

The extensive data provided by the most respected scientific institutions leave no doubt about WHAT it is.

And WHAT the world needs to do to mitigate the dire consequences of this emergency as fast as possible.

We have a lot of catching up to do.

The question is not WHAT to do.
The evidence about Climate Change is unquestionable and unequivocal.
WHAT must be done is beyond dispute.

Let’s look at HOW
is the most important.
HOW  to reach the Biggest Target In The World.

According to The United Nations, transitioning to a Net-Zero world is one of the greatest challenges humankind has faced.

It will mean a radical transformation of HOW we produce. HOW we consume, and HOW we live our lives.

HOW To fight this war.
We need an arsenal consistent with our enemy – or, our enemies – to be more exact.

Our Planet needs all the help it can get.

To Shift 2 Net-Zero.

We need to act faster.

Shift 2 Net-Zero.


According to recent news, quantum computing just might save the Planet.
With exponentially more powerful machines, it would possibly make major reductions in emissions.

Net Zero By 2050 Too Late.

Fact is, we cannot afford to wait any more.
It’s impossible to rely on solutions that might be available in 10 years, or longer.

The Earth is facing a climate calamity without precedent.
In terms of magnitude, gravity and speed of propagation.

We’re incessantly bombarded with a growing avalanche of information.
Even so, most of the time, the staggering amounts of data collected, stored, and distributed, don’t seem to result in the level of reaction that such catastrophic adversity demands.

As the world drowns in staggering amounts of data, most of us are starving for knowledge.

Trying to make sense of this deluge of data is no easy task.
Furthermore, there are plenty of people contributing with huge amounts of information with the purpose of misleading. Instead of informing.

To be well informed, you need to have constant access to accurate and actionable information from relevant and reliable resources.

But, how do you manage, if you’re already swamped with information?

The dizzying pace of transformation makes this task next to impossible.

With the avalanche of data that grows by the second, it’s more critical than ever to focus on what is really relevant to our lives.

A Treasure Trove of Information of incalculable value.

The amount of data shared by the most respectable and acclaimed Experts in each domain.

Here, I’m attempting to help ease the burden.  By only publishing impartial content of indisputable high quality.

This study focuses on the following 3 main essential points. As part of an ongoing series:

1 – The Ongoing Global Climate Cooperation 2022.
HHHOW It Creates New Pathways To An Emission Free World.

2 – Why The Systems Engineering Plan Is The Engine Powering The Transition
TTTo All-Electric

3 – Managing The Net Zero Transition.
TTThe Latest Developments From The Organizations That Are Succeeding.

So, without further ado, let’s dive right in.


1 – The Ongoing Global Climate Cooperation 2022.

A Long-Needed Awareness About The Incontestable Power of Global Cooperation 2022.

It’s hard to think of a better time than now, to acknowledge the remarkable People, Organizations and Countries uniting to create new roads to accelerate The Transition To An Emission Free World.

To preserve our Health. Our Life. Our Planet.

 Net Zero World Initiative.

Global Energy System Decarbonization.

How To Achieve Net Zero Energy


How they’re joining forces to accelerate it, while assisting countries in creating and implementing a series of highly tailored, actionable technical and investment plans to put net zero within a foreseeable future.
Attacking The Critical Climate Emergency.

With Partners And Philanthropies All Over The World.

How the U.S. government is partnering with countries and philanthropies through the Net-Zero World Initiative, to accelerate global energy system decarbonization by spurring investment in all regions of the world.
To increase the speed and scale of transitions to Net-Zero energy systems.

Learn more about The Net Zero World Initiative

If you visit, you’ll learn how The U.S. government. Partner countries around the world.
And philanthropies are putting net zero within reach.


A Few Essential Facts You Need To Know About Net-Zero.
And How To Get To Net Zero Emissions.

(Feature Story. May 23, 2022).
Climate Explainer Series.


To reach Net-Zero.
What does it really mean?

In a recent report published by the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition (CPLC), you can learn how the world can decarbonize.

And particularly, how carbon pricing can play a role.

In technical terms, global Net-Zero will be possible to achieve when greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by Humans have been reduced, and reached absolute minimum levels feasible.

And when any “residual emissions” that remain, are balanced by an equivalent quantity of permanent anthropogenic removals. So that they cannot be released into the atmosphere.

Furthermore, time is running out fast.

To Reduce Emissions Dramatically 2022.
Is Not An Option. It’s An Imperative. To Reach Net-Zero.


How To Get Net Zero Carbon.
A powerful Contribution from the Nordics on Expert Green Recovery 2022. – The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

The Nordic countries are well known for blending sound economic advancement with strong social and environmental policies.

Since 2000, the Nordic economies grew 28%, while carbon dioxide emissions fell by 18%.

Reinforcing this enviable set of trends, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden aim to be carbon neutral by 2050, driven by investments in renewable energy, bioenergy, and carbon offsets.

Converting Crisis Into Opportunity 2022.
They seem to be working on perfecting this art, since 1990.

How To Get Net Zero Carbon.

Recently, Denmark made goal “Net-Zero by 2050” a legal responsibility.

What can be the secret of the Nordics for such extraordinary advancement?

Reading this article, you can find out more about The Green Recovery Know-How From the Nordics. – The International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD).

by Joachim Roth, Tara Laan on July 30, 2020


To Attack Climate Change.

The 5 Crucial Steps To Take Right Now. To Get To Net Zero.

A Report from The World Economic Forum
by Robin Pomeroy – 17 Jan 2020

Undeniably, the climate calamity is bad news.

The world keeps getting hotter and greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, in spite of decades of all the warnings about the calamitous outcomes.
Even so, there’s a flash of good news: we still can take action – immediately – to attack the situation and keep it under control. To Reach Net-Zero.

The Net-Zero Challenge: Fast-Forward to Decisive Climate Action.

In a new publication, The World Economic Forum and the Boston Consulting Group provides detailed, timely steps that companies, governments and individuals can take – or should take.

Read more about this auspicious Report:

Five essential steps to take right now to tackle climate change.


An Update on Climate Ambition. How To Achieve Net Zero Energy.

State of Climate Ambition.

A timely, relevant and informative account about the nuanced expectations and Climate Change goals.



How To Get To Net Zero Emissions.

In this new Report from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), you can see a detailed update on how the world is advancing on climate ambition.

Who is ahead. And who is behind.

It offers a unique perspective that analyzes global intentions and also draws on data and evidence from over 120 developing countries.

In addition to:

How the world is going through times without parallel.

More Relevant News and Stories from


2 – Why The Systems Engineering Plan Is

The Engine That Powers The Transition To All-Electric.

A few contributions to advance
The Transition To Electric Vehicles.
From & Global Partners.

The Systems Engineering Plan.
How Forward-Thinking Brands  Are Using It.

To Power The Transition To All-Electric.

The Production Control System
Custom-Designed by AFS-Certified Engineering Consultants.
Your safeguard from production delay. Cost overrun. And
launch postponement.

To go to launch faster. Safer. Within the approved budget.

Take full control of your Project.

To Shift To Electric Vehicles.

Nothing is left to chance.

Through every step of the product lifecycle.
Including development. Production. Operation. Service.  And decommissioning.


Intelligent Global Mobility 2022.

Take The Fast Track To Production.

The Efficiency of Your Software Development 2022.

ISO 26262 Functional Safety Standard.
The Key Compliance Requirement.
For Developers  of Automotive Electrical And Electronic Systems

To maintain compliance, your Team must put the right processes and tools in place to assess and mitigate risks.
Just as important, you need to manage those risks through every step of the product lifecycle – from conceptual development to decommissioning.

Understanding ISO 26262: What You Need to Know.

Central to ISO 26262 compliance, the Automotive Safety Integrity Level (ASIL) rating system sets the standard for assigning levels of risk to potential E/E system malfunctions or failures. Ultimately, the system ensures you end up with no safety-related single points of failure in the E/E system of a vehicle.

The operational efficiency in software development 2022.

“If a failure arises, what will happen to the driver and associated road users?”

The Hazard Analysis and Risk Assessment.
That’s what you need to conduct the ASIL rating process.

After you assess all potential hazards, you create safety goals to prevent or reduce each hazard.
Each safety goal receives an ASIL rating, as defined by the ISO 26262 standard.


The Efficiency of Your Software Development 2022.
Further enhancing it with Raptor-Dev.

You can use Raptor with Mathworks TM/MATLAB toolboxes to provide traceability to safety requirements.

The Raptor-Test tool by EMB Power performs Automated Regression Tests of both software and hardware. To make sure your system meets the requirements at the final stages of development.

EMB Power also provides several ISO 26262-capable Hardware Solutions that have Built-In Safety Compliance.

Those will be marked as ISO 26262 compliant on the data sheets.


Automotive Integrated Circuits.
When sourcing becomes a challenge.

The transition to All-Electric is pushing market demand for electronic auto parts and components. Integrated Circuits (ICs) are no exception to this trend.

Integrated Circuit Generation

The value of the IC market is projected to more than double in the next eight years.

According to alone, 2022 Semiconductor sales should to grow 11%, after surging 25% in 2021.

But, since 2021 there are many supply concerns.

It’s never enough to find a supplier of Semiconductor And Integrated Circuit.

Due to the ever-growing design complexity to guarantee the quality and performance of vehicles, auto manufacturers cannot afford to trust any IC producer.
They must be careful to choose each supplier for their every need.

The Global Automotive 2022

The Supply Chain Security Plan

To take your idea from concept to market. Fast. Efficiently. Securely.

With Time-Tested Automotive Engineering Services.

Project Management Capabilities.

A Full Range of Customized Control Systems.

The importance of a reliable Supply Chain of ECU ( Electronic Control Unit ).

Because some ICs are used for critical operations, they must function with precision. Every time.
This goes beyond just performance.
Driver safety and security cannot be put at risk.

This Video provides comprehensive information about this critical components:

Why Automotive ICs Shortage Reinforces the Importance of ECU Supply Chain.


From Mathworks:

HOW to manage System Complexity in Systems Engineering.

An overview from (Video and Webinar Series).

By using Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE), engineers manage system complexity. They improve communication.  And obtain optimized system performance.

Performance Requirements In Software Engineering

To arrive at these MBSE benefits, the stakeholder requirements must be synthetized into architecture models to create system descriptions that are intuitive.

With this selection of videos, you’ll see what a product lifecycle looks like.
And you’ll be introduced to the systems engineering V-model.

It provides a full view of how you can optimize system design with trade studies and model-based systems engineering (MBSE).

It also looks at the role that functional, logical, and physical architectures play in the early design process.


The Fast Track To Production

And finally, it shows how systems engineering ensures that the right object is built through system-level verification and validation.

Managing Complexity Embedded System.
This Video and Webinar Series provides the perfect roadmap.

Moved by an obsession: To make things always work… Flawlessly.

Accrued Knowledge

Productivity And Efficiency In Software Development

The combined Team expertise of more than half a century in Engineering – mostly within the High-End Automotive and Aerospace Sectors – is your assurance that this Team knows how to make all parts work… infallibly. As they should.

Software Engineering Efficiency Metrics

With thousands of hours spent in specifying.  Designing.  Testing.  Debugging.  And Commissioning full systems for the most demanding Clients in the world has taught us many lessons.

Making Multiple Complex Systems seamlessly integrate and appear as one.​

​All the challenges involved in this process have been equally educational.

The Increasing Complexity of Embedded Systems

Usually, complexity can come at many different levels.
Mostly, it’s noticeably to the customer.
It starts with the user interface.
The Smart Mobility Market 2022.

HOW To Manage System Complexity.

Take the example of the smartphone.
A complex device. Even so, it becomes simple and effortless to use.
With a friendly user interface.

Behind a user interface in a modern vehicle is a multitude of systems working together to gather and share information, in order to make decisions that provide the user experience.

The vast majority of which, such as self-diagnostics, will go unnoticed to the user.
Without the self-diagnostics, however, the sheer complexity would be unmanageable.

Most importantly, however, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing if it’s managed correctly!

Overview of The Global Automotive Industry 2022.

Old vs. New
The modern vehicle can offer a wide array of features.
As they can use lots of information that they gather in many different ways.

The vehicle speed, for instance.
It’s not just used to show information on the dash.
It may as well be used to lock your doors, as you drive away.
Also, it can turn your parking sensors on and off (just to give a few examples).

All this can combine (hopefully) to make the vehicle a cohesive product in the eyes of the Client.

From Vehicle Manufacturing To Intelligent Global Mobility 2022.

Uncomplicating The Development of Complex Systems.A

Ever Wished Your Day Had 96 Hours?

You can accomplish this now, if you are an electric vehicle developer.
Actually, you can even surpass that mark.

Making the most of High Software Engineering Efficiency

Hard to believe?

EMB POWER & Partners will show you how to do this.
You start with The Raptor Nugget.

  1. But, I don’t know what’s Raptor Nugget.

The Raptor Nugget is an Invisible ECU Accessory.
It’s is a small and powerful piece of data.

Though the Raptor Nugget isn’t a thing that you can observe, you’ll feel the Difference, immediately.

Making the most of High Software Engineering Efficiency

Basically, it defines the compatibility of the ECU module with the Raptor Dev software.
It functions like a key that enables the module to run Raptor Dev.
You need to have the Nugget, to be able to control software in Raptor Dev.

You can buy the hardware without The Raptor Nugget.
In this case, you’d have to waste a lot of time writing complex code. And most likely, your development deadlines would be driven out the window.

This situation would be similar to purchasing a PC because you like to play video games. But in order to proceed, you must write the code for the operating system, before installing and playing the games.

The Main Differentiators of Raptor Nugget

One of the most effective ways to speed up your Electric Vehicle Development process, is by using out-of-the-box Solutions.

An excellent example of this kind of Solution is Raptor Nugget.

Raptor is a Solution specifically designed to help you move forward with your Project.
Eliminating friction and complexity in your Development.

All this is possible thanks to:

A Lot Less Coding.

Software Engineering Efficiency Metrics.


If you think of how complex systems demand complex control algorithms, you’ll be happy to know how this:
The Raptor Nugget frees you from spending endless hours in writing new code.

The Raptor Dev open-ECU development within Simulink makes it easy to build custom software.

Even for the most sophisticated and modern vehicle systems.
While requiring less manpower. Experience. And expertise.
And you also save on headache medicine.


A Lot Less Time.  With Drag And Drop Blocks. 

The library of Simulink blocks by Raptor offers one more unique Solution to make your customization much faster and simpler.  On Raptor Dev compatible modules.

Software Engineering Efficiency Metrics
You can work with Raptor Dev blocks or native Simulink blocks, to rapidly customize your controllers and display hardware, using a simple one-click automated building process.
That’s the Power of 
Drag And Drop Blockss.


The Leisure Boat Propulsion Is Riding The Net-Zero Wave.

Decarbonizing isn’t just a buzz word.

The Global target of zero net emissions by 2050 is imperative.

Why And How Leisure Boat Propulsion Is Moving To Electric.

The Global “Carbon zero” Expectation.

The first requirement to reach Carbon Zero is to replace fossil fuels with sustainable. Renewable. Energy sources.

Taking a Fast Track To Production.

Because of this growing pressure, the leisure boat industry is moving to break its reliance on fossil fuels and adopt entirely renewable and sustainable propulsion methods.

The leisure boats any bigger than 5 meters, in particular, can be huge fossil fuel guzzlers, noisily churning out large quantities of harmful emissions.

Leisure boats are not good for the oceans and inland waterways. They are not good for the wider environment.

And they’re not good for people.
Consequently, this has directed attention to
Electrical Components Powered By Sustainably Generated Electricity.
And these components are moving rapidly towards domination in land vehicles, very much less so, but still definitely on the agenda, for aircraft and now equally valid for watercraft.A

3 – Managing The Net Zero Transition.
The Latest Developments From The Organizations That Are Succeeding.

We Can Go Further And Faster. Together. To Reach Net-Zero.


Net-Zero Carbon by 2040.


A timely invitation from Amazon Sustainability.
Net-Zero Carbon by 2040.

Amazon is known all over the world as one of the most customer-centric companies, today,
As part of its mission, the Company is dedicated to building an even more sustainable business for its employees. The customers. And communities.

And so, Amazon is committed towards a net-zero carbon future. Where all the people that support its entire amazing value chain are always treated with dignity and respect.

The Climate Commitment.

The Climate Pledge co-founded by Amazon In 2019, is their commitment to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, across all the Company’s businesses. And to call others to sign on to this new ambitious target.

Consistent with this Pledge, Amazon has already implemented important undertakings toward reaching these goals.



From World Economic Forum
Getting to Zero Carbon Emissions.

Who has promised to reach this ambitious goal.
Who’s really likely to accomplish this.

13 Dec 2019

Emma Charlton
Senior Writer, Formative Content



  1. According to the Net-Zero Challenge report, more effective action is needed to limit global warming.
  2. So far, reaching Net-Zero carbon emissions is the ambition of only Just 67 countries and eight US states.
  3. Surprisingly, the number of those with enough implemented policies and legislation is even smaller.
  4. Some progress can be seen in a few trends. But, clearly there is still a long road to go.

As to reaching carbon neutrality,  Denmark, Finland, and Sweden are some of the best performers.

These countries have strong ambitions that have been translated into goals.
And their goals are supported by highly effective policy frameworks.
According to a new report from the World Economic Forum and BCG, called The Net-Zero  Challenge.
The Net-Zero Challenge: Fast-Forward to Decisive Climate Action.



“Hey, I’m Only One Person”.  Said 7,9 Billion People.


Reading daily news is great.
We grab a newspaper. Or, an app. And get to know what’s going on all over the world. And start discussing about the things that matter most.

Can’t stress enough the importance of relevant and reliable news.
Specially now, when we all need to know more about our Planet.
What to do  to live more sustainably.
And support the businesses that working hard to make eco-friendly products.
And help the world become a better place to live.

The Eco journey is for you!
THE ECO NEWS publishes newspapers every Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter to share how you can bring joy to the Planet throughout each season change.

THE ECO NEWS wants to voice how people can be more sustainable.
How you can make small changes to make a difference and update you on worldwide change through blogging and printing The Eco News.




From McKinsey Sustainability

Mapping Net-Zero.


An overview of a rich Report by McKinsey Sustainability.
On how the transition could possibly look like

April 21, 2022 

McKinsey offers you 8 of their recent data visualizations to show the opportunities and risks of the net-zero transition. As they highlighted in a new report.

The transition to zero emissions would bring a profound economic transformation.
Inevitably, it would affect every country. And every sector of the economy. Directly. Or, indirectly.

This all-inclusive transformation will come with both opportunitiy and risk.

And also, some of the challenges that Global leaders, and the world population—could possibly confront.


The flipside of this monumental climate calamity:

Planetary Cooperation and Collaboration.

Cooperation is always crucial in a time of a global crisis like this.
The scale of Cooperation and Collaboration sparked by the Climate Change has no parallel in history.
All scientists are unanimous in saying that Global Cooperation is more than crucial. It’s imperative.


The Earth needs help.
Our Planet needs you. Now.
Together, We’ll Have The Power of A New Force of Nature.

Yes. You too can participate.
We can all do much more than we may sometimes realize.
You can start right now.
By sharing this study with your family and friends.

1 Shift 2 Net-Zero 2 Really Sustain Critical Long-Term Global Targets 2022.

Every 15 days from now on, I’ll be publishing more news about the Global evolution of Net-Zero initiatives from the highest reliable sources. On this same channel.

Until next time.

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