Localization is vital for growing a Global business. After all, very few products and services are exclusively created to be used by one country.

So, it’s essential to address the question of language barrier effectively. To avoid a monumental loss of opportunities.

How you can best benefit from Localization. And Trans Creation by Synergy Media.

It starts the creation of a customized Localization Project. Never just translation.

It’s vital that the original content of the website and all the Communication and Marketing materials be presented in a Language that can be easily understood by the local Community.

Notwithstanding the quality and trust of a Brand, a sustainable presence in a new market is only possible with the participation of highly qualified and experienced Professionals.

It’s of vital importance to make sure that when you present your products to other markets, the localized version is well aligned with your original description. And it has the same power, and design.

Raising The Global Reach of An Award-Winning Technology Through Localization And Trans Creation.

Recently, the CEO of the Squirrly Company in London, invited me to localize Squirrly  SEO into Brazilian Portuguese.
I accepted the Project.

With the conclusion of the Localization of the software, and having been officially appointed by WordPress as PTE (Project Translation Editor), I made Squirrly SEO available to an additional Community of more than 270 million people who speak Portuguese.