What is SEO, after all?
Really rocket science, or it’s just time to demystify the process ?

Undeniably, real SEO is no easy thing. And can take a lot of time.
Creating reliable and relevant content. Optimizing websites. And promoting assets.
Are just some of the basics involved in the long and complicated SEO processes.


We all know how hard it is for a business to stand out online.
Everyone builds a website, fills it with content and do some advertising.
And hope to attract buyers.
Without a clear strategy, it can be just wasted time.

To succeed online, you need to rank high and get traffic. Lots of traffic.
Big companies have no problem with that. They have huge budgets. And they can hire more people, bringing in top-notch consultants.
They also invest heavily on content, web design. And they can always hire a dedicated SEO.

On the other hand, the common mortal with limited resources who’s not an expert, usually takes for granted that SEO is an expensive, and convoluted process.
In most small businesses, just a few people have to constantly juggle numerous tasks. And time constraints make SEO even harder to tackle.


Because they cannot focus on SEO as desired, they end up doing it occasionally. Or, skipping SEO, entirely.
The inevitable consequence is an under optimized website. And poor rankings.
And they often ask: is SEO worth it?


It’s more than clear WHAT makes most people think of rocket science, in regard to SEO.
WHAT is SEO, is abundantly clear. Over abundantly, actually.
The millions of posts and articles published all over the world on the subject, are enough to cover the distance from the Earth to Jupiter and back. Probably 5 times.

To say that SEO is the most overrated topic of the century doesn’t begin to describe the issue.
Obviously, the whole world already knows WHAT is SEO. A little less obvious is that you don’t need to read more about WHAT SEO is !
You need more of HOW. Not WHAT.

If SEO feels like rocket science,

Try to learn HOW to work with it.

Before you give up on SEO, I’ll show you HOW.

HOW you get to the Top of Google.
With no more complication. No time wasted.

Without relying on “experts”.

Without spending a fortune!


Take the guesswork out of Search Engine Optimization.




HOW do you know? You probably ask.

Let me give you just one example.
If you do a Google search for this term: “Conquer fluent English”, it returns 03 of my recent articles on the first page of Google:


Do You Want To Conquer Fluent English?

HOW 1 teen built the Approach 2 Conquer Fluent English. Faster & For Real.

Landing page: To Conquer Fluent English 

Go ahead, try it for yourself.



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